If you are looking for a talented writer, word editor, and design and typography consultant, you have arrived at the right location on the Web. Welcome!

How might I be of service? I can write articles for you about nearly any topic, from science-based pieces to light news features or news stories or even press releases. I spent a number of years as a daily journalist, and I published news, features and columns on a regular basis; I have also written long-form pieces for magazines and for presentation on the web.

Can I edit as well? Yes! The skills are different, and I must admit, it is unusual for one person to have both. I have edited advertising copy, press releases, news stories, and magazine feature stories. These projects have ranged from basic copyediting to substantive editing.

Design, though, is probably what my reputation is mainly based on. Starting in the mid-1980s, I began my career as a writer, speaker and consultant about both design in print and on the web. Now I re-charge my laptop, wear my green eyeshade, and don my all-black outfits in St. Augustine, FL, after many years in Ponte Vedra Beach and Jacksonville, FL.

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