Robert Bohle, abstract expressionist

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The Black C. This is my latest after coming back from my move-induced hiatus. It is on black canvas, for something different. Do you see the blue in the lower right corner?
Yellorange. This painting, as with many of my efforts, started out as something else altogether. But as it hung around my studio (pardon the pun), I began to like it more and more. (Acrylic, abstract) 24×18. $150.
Dribbles. Believe it or don’t, this one is different from my other paintings in this style because I used just water and liquid paint. Took forever to dry. (Acrylic, abstract) 18×24. $250.
Yellowpalm. Bet you can’t guess why I named this picture this…. I need to learn how to take better photos of my paintings, but this had some rice paper glued on it. Then I soaked the paper with water and liquid paint. You can see where the paper was glued under the second layer of paint. (Acrylic, abstract). $200.
Farm. This is an attempt at a primitive painting style that I am not certain works. Not sure about the flatness of the trees and shrubs with the shadowed hay bales. The perspective is done purposefully. (Acrylic) 36×24. $200.
Yellow Corner. The yellow that crosses on top of the purple on the lower left was suggested by my painting mentor as a way to solve the problem I saw with the composition. As usual, she was spot on. (Abstract, acrylics) 20×16. SOLD.
BlueDots. I wet the canvas thoroughly with water, then dripped on some blue and yellow liquid acrylics and some red dots. I tried my best to keep the canvas flat. This painting was selected by jurors for the ArtAbility show in Malvern, Pennysylvania.
(Abstract, acrylic) 16×20.
Tessa. This is a portrait of my rescue lab that we had to put down right before Christmas. She was a tripawd, having lost her left rear leg to cancer in May. She was the second lab we lost to cancer. NFS
Magenta. This is my work-through in the cool color spectrum. That’s magenta on the left. Looks like eggplant to me. Acrylic, abstract. 16×12. $200.
Orange. On this one, the orange in the lower left corner is what I see first, thus the name. Acrylic, abstract. 16×12. $200.
Homage. This is my rendition of Jackson Pollock’s “action painting” technique, with dribbles of paint, some mixed with clear tar gel and some with a gloss glaze. One of the things I like about is the way light is reflected off the 3-D plops of color. A reward for getting up close to the painting. Acrylic, abstract. 36×48. $300.
Different. Now for something completely different…. Acrylic, abstract. 12×12. $150
Square. Still trying to master my purples. Is the color on the left too dark, especially compared to the yellow? Acrylic, abstract. 12×12 SOLD!
Number 1. The stuff I see in my own paintings! Here I see the number 1. Do you see it?
Number 1. The stuff I see in my own paintings! Here I see the number 1. Do you see it? Acrylic, abstract. 12×12. SOLD!
Transformations.. This refers to the transformations you can achieve by declaring that they will happen. They won’t happen without saying out loud they will. Acrylic, abstract. 16×20 $200.
Rackets. This piece reflects the games people play, especially when they are trying to manipulate someone to get what they want or when they claim themselves to be always right. Acrylic, abstract. 20×16. $200.
Stories. This painting represents the stories we tell about things that happen to us. We should be paying attention to what really happened, not to our stories. Acrylic, abstract. 20×16. SOLD.
Crazy. This painting reminds me of being unsettled and unsure of yourself. The colors are a little jarring. Acrylic, abstract. 18×24. SOLD.
5 Dots. A non-representational painting done using paper towels to add a bit of texture. Acrylic, abstract. 24×18. $200.
Lava. I have decided to work on some pure, non-representational art for a while. This seems to glow from inside, thus the title. Acrylic, abstract. 24X18. $200.
Breakthrough. This painting represents the breaking through of your true personality from the gray and banal to the Authentic you. Acrylic, abstract. 24×36. NFS
Blend. This one of my smaller series of painting. I tried a blend with a wet brush. I always paint left to right, but for this one, I went right to left. Acrylic, abstract. 16×12. $100.
Breakthrough 2. The second in the Breakthrough series, which is being painted to represent each person’s breakthrough moments in life. The gray below represents unfulfilled potential and the colors above represent a successful foray into positivity. Acrylic, abstract. 24×36. SOLD
Breakthrough 2 is a bit different in that it consists of two canvases, the smaller one glued onto the larger. The smaller canvas provides a 3-D effect while giving me the opportunity to mix “sculpture” with painting. This is a closer look at the edge of the smaller. Does it work or not?
Red Rover. For this painting, I set it on edge and released a bit of pouring medium down the canvas and followed immediately with some liquidy paint. I did not move the canvas at all. Those direction changes by the rivulets were on their own. Acrylic, abstract. 36×48. $250.
Boogie Woogie. I made this one by putting drops of color into some pouring medium in a bowl, then pouring it onto the canvas. Then I picked up the canvas to get the paint to run downhill in little rivulets. Fun! Acrylic, abstract. 16×20. $150.
A closeup of Boogie Woogie shows the hardened pouring medium.
A closeup of Boogie Woogie shows the hardened pouring medium.
abstract art
Orangish. I used a dry brush, which I only dab on a paper towel between colors. That helps to create interesting color mixes. Then I added some drips, squirts and drops of color. Acrylic. Acrylic, abstract. 48×36. $300
This is a short gif slideshow re how I made “Orangish.” Note the small puddles of color before I swooshed them with a dry brush.
Three Yellow. Finally completed this 60×48-inch canvas, the largest I have ever painted. Hard to tell when I was finished with it, but I am now. 60×48. Acrylic, abstract. $350.
Palette. This is an example of what I call a concept painting, in that the thought or approach to the piece is an important aspect of the final product. Note the brush and palette knife. The chalk sketch lines of the background are meant to be just that. Also note how the palette bleeds color onto the painting surface. Acrylic, mixed media. 18×24. $150.
Housatonic River Bridge.This covered bridge goes over the Housatonic (not the Farmington, as originally stated) not far from where my older son lives in Connecticut. I simply had to try painting it. 24x18. $150
Housatonic River Bridge.This covered bridge goes over the Housatonic (not the Farmington, as originally stated) not far from where my older son lives in Connecticut. I simply had to try painting it. Acrylic. 24×18. SOLD!
sun eye
Sun Eye. My wife wanted paintings with warmer colors in it. I realized I was spending a lot of time on the cool end of the color spectrum. So I gave her this one. Acrylic, abstract. 16×20. $100.
abstract art
Fruit Bowl. This piece, it seems to me, has colors that are most edible. Used water for some of the effects. What fruits and vegetables to you see? 16×20. Acrylic, abstract. $150.
pink abstract
Pink. A color experiment that ended up being a bit too cool for what I wanted. The pink didn’t help. It amazes me how paintings just happen…. Acrylic, abstract. SOLD!
This seascape is of the Gulf of Mexico off Naples, FL. A storm was a-brewin'.
This seascape is of the Gulf of Mexico off Naples, FL. A storm was a-brewin’. SOLD
boats SOLD!
The person who bought this one likened the style to Edward Hopper or David Hockney. I think she is probably right, though I didn’t think about either as I was painting it. I am going to try some more, however. SOLD
(Commissioned — not for sale)The guitar is the instrument of a country singer who lives in Lower Alabama. It is not meant to be representational. And as part of the background is impinging on the guitar, it is definitely part of the painting. Acrylic, abstract.