The war against the media

(The animation has nothing to do with the post, I am just trying to boost readership. It is my Page 3….) The media are under attack. This has been going on for some time now. Only some of it is deserved. The media, especially print newspapers, are under attack on two fronts: from potential advertisers who have come to believe that print is becoming irrelevant and from those to the right side of the political spectrum who have begun to… I want to read more

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Big data is changing visual journalism


A design challenge that we in newspaper design rarely talked about until recently is dealing with “big data.” Computational power has increased quite a bit in recent years and yet another round of buzz words has arrived, with big data and “data visualization” two of the most prominent. This is at the same time as datasets were growing and were filled with more and more information. Big data. Not that it is any different from the visualizing of data that… I want to read more

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The great Twitter experiment

My experiment with Twitter will continue, despite my initial reservations. I have found it to be useful in gaining all sorts of information that has been helpful and interesting. I can see how journalists could use it to better their work and attract/keep more readers. I can also see how it would be useful in gaining new sources for stories, especially in the middle of a breaking story. You could have, for instance, searched for people who were Tweeting during… I want to read more

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