Sorry ’bout not posting for a while: How to read my blog

I apologize for not posting anything for a while. Did you miss me? We have finally sold the old abode and are now ensconced in our mountain cabin, where I will learn how to live in cold weather again. Please note the “I Want to Read More” at the end of this tease-graf and there underneath the Print and other social buttons, assuming you are on the first page of the blog. The first page consists of excerpts of 6 or so posts to give you a taste of what you are in for.

Also, remember that blogs are set up to be in reverse order, i.e., the latest posts are added to the top of the page, not the bottom. I have the blog set up to display five posts at a time, so if you are on an individual post page, you have to hit one of the links at the bottom (on this page, for example, it is “Here we go…” and “More paintings”) to change pages.

Also, please note that I try to categorize each post and put category tags that describe the content on each one, though I haven’t always remembered to do that. I am going back through all 200+ posts over the next month or so, and I will try to fix that. Meanwhile, if a post’s category interests you, and you would like to read more. Click on that category word (in gray at bottom of each post). Or simply go to the pull down menu to the right and find the category of interest. Select it, and you will have only those posts in the category.

Last, please take the time to comment or give feedback on each post. It’s easy. Simply click on “Leave a Reply” after each blog post or just the word comment if you are reading an individual post. Writers don’t want to live in a vacuum, and I have tried to present at least a few ideas that are worthy of discussion. Please feel free to start or join in an online discussion.

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